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The Brioso provides high speed inspection of a continuous web of pouches and packets filled with dry powders and products. Pouches and packets can be made from paper, plastic, metalized film or aluminum foil.

The Brioso leverages Peco InspX’s renowned X-ray inspection architecture to provide the highest level of speed and contaminant detection capability. The compact inspection assembly inspects as the pouches travel vertically and installs in a short linear space with minimum disruption to line operations. The Brioso’s advanced software minimizes false rejects and makes it quick and easy to change the inspection setup for different types of products.


Streamlined Installation

Industrial design allows for tool-less line installation over your conveyor, providing contactless inspection in a compact footprint

Modular Design

All subsystems have been designed with the maximum system availability, redundancy, and fault tolerance in mind

Real-Time Remote Support

Integrated wireless connectivity allows for secure remote support 24/7 globally. Peco InspX can resolve over 95% of customer issues with our powerful remote diagnostics software

Robust IT Security

Fully integrated end-to-end IT security offerings ensure your networks aren’t vulnerable and are defended from any outside threats. Optional IoT module allows for seamless SCADA integration

High Performance Generator

Features a high powered X-ray generator designed for continuous duty-cycle operation and no maintenance

High Speed Inspection

The Brioso is designed for very high speed environments of up to 600 linear feet per minute, which depending on packet size translates to speeds in excess of 5,000 packets per minute

Typical Applications


Continuous research and development drives engineering excellence for all Peco InspX inspection systems. If you have an application that may benefit from Peco InspX's inspection expertise, please contact us to learn more about how we can be of assistance. All inspection systems are delivered with four key features:

High Speed Operations

Manufacturers can easily operate at speeds over 1000 containers per minute - Peco InspX offers inspection, checkweighing and fill monitoring capable to match such performance.


Peco InspX strives to deliver the very best service in the industry and the quality of our service is well recognized across our global customer base.


Our inspection and detection software is custom designed constantly enhanced for technical excellence at our R&D facility in Silicon Valley.

Made in America

All systems are manufactured in our newly expanded facility in Modesto, California.

Tech Specs

Technical Information


Top down X-ray system


Integrates natively with Cloud, RA Jones, Fuji, and other filler systems

X-ray Tube Configuration

High reliability integrated X-ray generator

Aperture Size

Max Width: 8 in

Max Height: 4 in


Standard: IP 66/NEMA 4X

Optional: IP 69K, Passivation

Line Speed

Up to 650 ft/min (198 m/min)

Input Voltage

Available in 120 or 240 VAC options

Air Supply

80 psi @ 5 cfm (for ejection only)

Ambient Temperature

33°F – 113°F (1°C – 45°C)

Air Conditioning


Diode Size

Configurable to 0.8 mm or 0.4 mm

Container Ejection

Integrates with downstream printer and cutter for automatic package rejection

Dimensions (LxDxH)

37 x 36 x 72 in (940 x 915 x 1,813 mm)

Safety Rating

Redundant – Category 4, Performance Level E


Solid State Industrial PC with Windows 10 and integrated AV


Integrated WiFi, Ethernet or Cellular Connection

Supported SCADA Systems

Ignition, Wonderware, FactoryTalk, Kepware and other OPC-UA compliant systems

Supported Cloud Platforms

Azure IoT Hub, AWS and Google Cloud via MQTT

Operator Interface

17" touchscreen


Standard: 304 Stainless Steel

Optional: 316L/Passivated

Technical Information

tech-specs-img tech-specs-img


Industrial IoT Capabilities

Peco InspX offers industry leading plant connectivity and remote control including:

  • SCADA integration via OPC-UA protocol into Ignition, Wonderware, FactoryTalk, Kepware and all other popular integrated software platforms
  • Native support for Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud via MQTT
  • Real time system and performance monitoring of each machine
  • Insight into operational performance bottlenecks
  • Automatic archiving and classification of reject images
  • Optional archiving of all inspection images
Full Range of Ejection Options

Peco InspX designs and manufactures a wide range of high performance ejectors and diverters to include single solonoid, multiple solonoid, swing arm, lift gate, drop gate, air blast, flexible rail, guided path, and heavy duty options

Track and Trace Capabilities

In collaboration with an industry-leading industrial package printer, Peco InspX offers an end-to-end package tracing system that prints on the inspected container the status (good or bad) of every package to ensure packages are auditable to their inspection results and X-ray image

Reject Management Package

Reject Management Package include secure options:

  • Lockable reject bin to ensure authorized access to rejected packages
  • Sensors to ensure positive confirmation on expected rejects
  • -Sensors to alert on “bin full” condition
  • Air pressure sensor to alert for any out-of-range air supply problems
  • Optional software-controlled lock for user configurable access
RFID Access Control

Support automatic system authentication using customer ID badges. Supports a wide range of standard access protocol frequencies

Sanitary Design

Can be equipped with an IP69K enclosure for high pressure wash down environments

Remote Operator Console

The remote operator console provides complete system monitoring and control up to 6 meters from the system inspection assembly